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Airtel Blackberry subscribers increase following value plans intro
From: Adom News/Ghana          Published On: August 31, 2012, 12:00 GMT
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Airtel Blackberry subscribers increase following value plans intro
Airtel Ghana says the number of subscribers of its BlackBerry service has grown considerably following the introduction of value plans to the service earlier this year.

The value plans included the Absolute Plan, Complete Plan and Social Plan, each with varying bouquets, which offered customers affordable usage on subscription.

A statement from Airtel Ghana said the BB-Complete plan allowed subscribers to enjoy services such as the BlackBerry Messenger, BB Email, browser, app world, 1 web based email and social networking with various price options ranging from 0.95Gp daily, GHC 3.85 weekly and GHC14.95 for monthly subscription.

The BB-Social Plan also gave subscribers the opportunity to have a Blackberry Messenger services, BB Email, Browser, App World and social networking, and the prices on that, range from 0.49Gp as daily charge for subscription, GHC2.85 weekly and GHC 10.95 monthly.

The Absolute Plan covers all the other services (social and complete); including the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), browser, 10web based emails, 1BB email, and instant messaging; and the price options range from GHC1.50 for daily, GHC10 weekly and GHC35 for monthly subscription.

Head of Corporate Communications and External Affairs at Airtel Ghana, Donald Gwira was quoted as saying Airtel was happy to note that a lot of their subscribers had taken to the value plans and in the process were driving the BlackBerry service usage on the network.

“What we have seen is a very positive trend with our prepaid users and we are happy to attract even more people on the network”, Mr. Gwira said.

He added that Airtel knew its subscribers were from varied backgrounds with different depths of pockets so what the company had done was to have plans that did not only meet their pockets, but one customers would find useful too, and the rates were among the lowest on the market as well.

Mr. Gwira said Airtel Ghana’s BlackBerry service was one of the most affordable on the market, and that, coupled with its 3.75G internet service, which is has been expanded, customers on Airtel’s BlackBerry service were guaranteed speed and uninterrupted services.

Marketing Director at Airtel Ghana, Oare Ojeikere was confident that the excitement generated by the Airtel value plans will continue to drive the numbers and revenue for Airtel Ghana.

“We always have the end-user of our products at the back of our minds and what we churn out with regards to data is a thought-through program that has immense usefulness to the customer”, he said.

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