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No LPG shortage from now through Christmas and beyond - NPA
From: Ghana / Joy Business / Emmanuel Agyei          Published On: November 22, 2012, 08:47 GMT
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No LPG shortage from now through Christmas and beyond - NPA

Users of LPG could have something to smile about at least from now through Christmas season and even beyond.

The National Petroleum Authority has assured there will be consistent supply from now onwards.

It follows the delivery of an additional one thousand 800 tonnes of the product to Takoradi to meet the increasing demand for the product.

The authority further explains, this should adequately address the perennial shortages during the yuletide and even beyond. The Public Relations Officer, Yaro Kasambata has been speaking Joy Business.

“For this one, the moment the vessel arrives and the truck is well-positioned, it will receive the gas and take it to town. And so w’re looking to do this every week or maximum on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that we can put onto the market more LPG than the consumer even need, so you can eliminate the backlog of supply and resume the normal consumption rate” he said.

The arrangement is between the Energy Ministry and Fuel trade, a bulk distribution company. Meanwhile, as part of long-term measures to address the LPG shortages on the market, Mr. Kassambata adds moves have been advanced to complete work on 2 loading gantries with storage facilities in Tema to boost daily gas production.

“We’re hoping to complete this by the end of the first quarter next year with the Ghana Gas Company also promising to complete their work by the end of the year. So more gas for consumers because the challenges would not exist in a couple of months” he concluded.

The NPA also expects Takoradi, through the Aboadze thermal plant to produce between 1,800 and 2000 metric tonnes of LPG.

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