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GSE records 24 percent return to investors for last year
From: Ghana | Joy Business          Published On: January 24, 2013, 19:29 GMT
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GSE records 24 percent return to investors for last year
The Ghana Stock Exchange recorded a 24 percent return for last year. In other words, investors who bought securities on the bourse between January and December 2012 realized that margin of appreciation in the value of their shares.

According to the 2012 market report secured by Joy Business, the 24 percent return was slightly better than what you would have secured on your bank deposits and other investment instruments like treasury bills.

From January to December last year the value of shares traded was put at 102 million Ghana cedis, while the volume of shares that exchanged hands came to 218 million.

This performance was however not good compared to the same period in 2011.

Financial stocks still came up as the most active in terms of the number of transactions executed. Nearly half of the dealings involved financial stocks, followed by food and beverages.

Shares of CAL Bank were the most sought after by investors as it lead the market in terms of the number of stocks that exchange hands, while Ghana Commercial Bank led the pack when it came to the value of shares traded.

Meanwhile, shares of GOIL came up as the best performing stock in terms of returns. Investors who bought into GOIL from January to December last year realize nearly 94 percent.

The Ghana Stock Exchange now worth 57.2 billion Ghana cedis in terms of the value of companies listed.

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